Dr. Julie Baise is a veterinarian at Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital who loves working to build relationships with all of her clients and their loved pet companions. 

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Dr. Julie Baise, O’Fallon Veterinarian

Dr. Julie

Dr. Julie grew up in the Pacific Northwest and moved to the O’Fallon area after graduating in 2005. She knew she wanted to be a veterinarian from an early age. As a child, pets were always part of the household. She begged for her first dog, Sadie, at the age of 12 by hiding cut-out pictures of dogs all over the house until her parents finally gave in.

Dr. Julie graduated in 2005 from Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine, and soon after started her career at Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital.  Missouri has always been a second home to her, as much of her extended family live in the area. She regularly attends yearly veterinary conferences and is always striving to stay as current as possible with the constantly evolving practice of veterinary medicine.

Dr. Julie is very happily married to her husband Steve since 2010. They have no children, and she enjoys traveling when time allows. She is grateful to have been a part of the Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital family for over 16 years. 

Having a love of animals, means numerous dogs and cats have shared her home over the years. Currently she has one Australian Cattle Dog named Sheila, and three cats: Mango, 19-years young, and two 4yr-old Maine Coons. She can’t imagine herself in any other profession and truly enjoys coming to work every day. She loves the interactions with people and the rewarding feeling of helping animals in need.

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